Joe Grushkin - National Association of Local Business.

A new startup company known as The National Association of Local Business (NAOLB) is disrupting the marketing world with an innovative business model, which would provide local business owners access to over 100 products and services in a one-stop shop concept, to build their online presence, network with other businesses, and cut operating costs. NAOLB offers access to over 100 products and services, at a discounted price, to their members, all at discounted pricing normally reserved for much larger companies. The services include social media management, website design, business funding, credit card processing with zero fees, promotional items, sales training, inexpensive telemedicine, discounted computer tech support insurance and various coaching services, plus much, much more.. Their CEO, Joe Grushkin, in a recent interview with Pressful, promised to help make businesses “more profitable, more productive and promoted to more local consumers.” Grushkin emphasized the importance of local businesses to grow and expand their reach to new customers and clients while increasing profits through lower the cost of services they are already using. NAOLB has a team of product support specialize, along with local ambassadors and territory owners that consult with local businesses and help them identify new marketing opportunities and savings from the highly vetted services and programs they offer. These small businesses can also become ambassadors themselves, which would give them lifetime residual commissions from NAOLB’s members they enroll. Membership in the Association is free for local businesses. In a marketing field, that has largely been overtaken by social media, it has become essential for any local business, regardless of the industry, to maintain a strong online presence and cut cost where possible. However, without an in-depth plan and access to quality services, it can be extremely difficult for business owners o compete, with no social media, outdated website or lacking reviews to experience to build their presence. NAOLB makes digital marketing easy for their clients, and offers extra value on top of it, providing the services every business needs through trusted partners. Along with access to all of NAOLB’s products and services, their marketing/PR services, members of NAOLB also receive access to over 150 virtual networking groups. Few other brands offer digital marketing and PR services, networking opportunities and ownership opportunities all in one place. NAOLB is currently accepting clients in all sectors.